Thank you for your interest, after quite a bit of reflection, I have decided to close my equine bodywork practice. More details on the contact page.

 My bodywork helps equines return to their natural balanced movement, and supports each horse’s spirit and well being, while engaging their inherent ability to communicate, collaborate, heal, and thrive. Healing happens with respect and love held with quiet, grounded presence. My work is informed by an understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, and how trauma acts in the body.

I teach hands-on bodywork clinics to enrich horse owners’ connections with their own horses and empower them as caretakers. As a teacher, I share my enthusiasm for how horse bodies work, and how we can help them to work better.

“I think Willow really enjoyed your sessions with her. She does seem less anxious around new people and more confident with humans in general. I think it also helped her through moving to our new farm!”

Jessi B.

“Barbara, I must thank you again for your time, talent and skill! The package of specific sessions dedicated to focused areas on my mare ‘Lily’ has made such an incredible difference in her mood, weight, appearance, work and performance. I truly believe that if I hadn’t given bodywork a try she would have gone back after the trial period. Your work is appreciated more than you know.”

Denise S.M.

“I am so thankful for the work you did with Mocha. She was very relaxed all night and this morning walked out to her paddock with great ease.”

Cathie D.

“The session you did with Tristan made a noticeable difference; he was much looser on his next ride.”

Melissa F.

“Since you’ve worked on Dude, he is freer in his movement and comes up and lifts his back more easily. He used to need to warm up to have an even stride. Now he starts even, trips less, and is much better about being patted, especially on his chest. He looks 3 years or even 5 years younger.”

Joanna F.

“When I lunged Lily recently, I noticed how much more balanced her canter has become since her bodywork series with you. She moved more confidently and freely, and the raised area in her lumbar spine has gone away.”

Duschka F.-D.

“Whoopi is much more rounded and connected physically – more embodied. She’s lost a lot of the attitude she used to bring to our human imperfections when working with her. She’s calmer, and more willing to play.

I sense that the work you did for her, and the changes in herd dynamics, have moved her into a more comfortable and confident place. I give you all the credit for her new physical connectivity in her body. She looks like a race horse and walks with more power.”

Peggy G.

“Rusty is doing SO WELL!! He should be the poster-boy for equine massage!!! He lost a shoe shortly after his treatment, so he got a long time off. I rode him yesterday and today with his new Equipedic saddle pad, and I have NEVER had such a great ride on him as both yesterday and today! Not cinchy, happy face and ears the whole time! Like a new horse!!”

Sandy M.

“After Timber’s last session with you, he no longer stood over at the knee. In our lesson, he jumped higher and moved more freely than ever before. On the trails, he really seemed to enjoy himself more.”

Kent M

“Barbara’s hands can feel and move the energy in my horse’s connective tissue to effect serious healing and relief. Her compassion and patience encourage a safe space for my horse to settle in to her energy and engage in the healing.

Dart’s canter is smoother and more connected through his body since you worked on him. He feels fluid and comfortable cantering now. It is a great improvement. I know he enjoys your healing touch, and whatever you’re doing is helping. He has stopped pressing his butt on things for relief.”

Beck A.

“He was great on our trail ride last Friday. His stride has lengthened, and riding him felt more fluid than ever before. I can tell a huge difference from before you started working on him! Thank you so much.”

Vikki A.

“Barbara – you worked wonders. Polaris was a perfect gentleman with me and Dr. Latimer today, and later with Greg Winston, our farrier. So nice to handle him without his head thrashing around! I hope this lasts!’ (P. is on stall rest and rehab.)”

Caroline B.-K.

“Since you’ve worked on Patches, he is more forward and moves off my leg better.”

Debbie M.

“This is really cool…my gut says this is a better relationship. The horse is raw and honest in his emotions. Barbara is vulnerable and is giving great feedback. She is not trying to please you as the client, but reflects the actual moment of the horse….bravo!!”

Nichole W.

“I have noticed a big difference in Shakira’s back end! She no longer is so ‘heavy’ on it at all. She is standing completely erect and balanced! Even a bit of an attitude adjustment too 🙂 Yay!”

Amy S.

“I’ve thought about you a couple of times over the last couple of days. Your bodywork had a significant impact on Dude. He really just went better and better ever since you worked on him. He was in a lesson on Thursday (a few days before he died) and I was thinking how great he looked!”

Duschka F.-D.
“Reba was noticeably less stiff in front after her last session with you. Since you’ve worked with her, she stands quietly with people now. It’s lovely.”
Peggy G.

Curious about bodywork for your horse or hosting a bodywork clinic?

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