I practice bodywork with all breeds and disciplines of horses to help them be in balance. Specifically, I work to release restrictions in fascia and the resulting compensations in movement. Listening to and working with the wisdom of each horse’s body, I help them return to natural balanced movement. With a basis in structural integration (sometimes called myofascial release), my sessions also include Tui-Na and Reiki. This powerful combination helps horses move, respond and perform better.

“The lowest (and the highest) tech therapy of all is the human hand.”
Sara Wyche

Bodywork works with fascia

Fascia or connective tissue holds the body together, wrapping around every muscle, tendon, ligament and bone. Reduced flexibility (holding patterns) is caused by repeated actions over time, and compensations for pain or injury. Holding patterns tend to strengthen over time which is why elderly people may become bent, or our shoulders round and chins jut from working at a computer.

Lengthening and releasing fascia supports the release of holding patterns and compensations in how your horse moves. As simple as it sounds, the results can be profound. By releasing holding in the fascia, your horse can change towards greater freedom of movement and balance.

Bodywork benefits any horse, especially equine athletes in training, riding horses who need support to move better, horses on stall rest or rehab, and older horses who are getting stiff. Fascia holds emotional tension as well as physical. Bodywork sessions have transformed horses’ attitudes as well as their physical way of going because we’re all happier when our bodies feel good.

Structural Integration works to lengthen connective tissue or fascia. The elegance of structural integration is that after releasing restrictions in your horse’s tissues, the body naturally uses the additional ‘space’ to rebalance and realign itself where it is most needed.

Tui-Na is the manual therapy part of Chinese Medicine. Like all of Chinese Medicine, its purpose is to work with the body to bring it back to balance and health. I use a handful of strokes (out of hundreds) that involve stroking, percussion, stretching, and vibrating tissues of the horse’s body.

Reiki is life force energy focused through the practitioner. Practitioners are attuned to offer Reiki to individuals and situations without attachment to outcome, but for the highest good of all. Horses (and dogs and cats) love it, and it is a wonderful therapy when more direct touch is not appropriate.

Offerings & Pricing

Please email me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call. We’ll use this time to discover if we (you, me and your horse) are a good fit to work together. A Travel Fee of $25 per hour also applies that can be shared like a Farm Call charge.

Individual session – Lasting about 90 minutes, sessions include taking the horse’s history, a hands-on evaluation of the body, movement analysis, and hands-on bodywork including structural integration, Tui-Na, and Reiki; $125 per session;

Series – 5 sessions each lasting about 90 minutes doing in depth structural integration and release work in each major area of the body as well as addressing core compensation patterns in your horse; $590 for 5 sessions (paid in advance);

Maintenance packages – support your horse holding its new way of moving during training and competition, or address specific areas of concern; $710 for a package of 6 sessions or $350 for package of 3 (paid in advance).