Clinic FAQs

Clinic FAQs2019-10-08T14:54:14-08:00

How does the registration process work?

When you click the Register Now button under your choice of clinic date/location, you’ll go to the PayPal site. When you make your payment there, you will be registered for that workshop. If there are no more spaces left for that one, you will not be able to purchase. PayPal will send you a confirmation email of your purchase, and I will send you a confirmation email with details about the clinic, like the address, within a week. If you want to be on a waiting list for a clinic, please message me here on the Contact with that request. If a place opens up, I’ll fill it in the order I received requests.

Can I bring my horse?

No, in the Intros we are practicing with horses who are okay with being touched by many different people, and who are comfortable standing together in an arena. In the 2-day workshop, there is an option to haul in on the second day so you can do a whole session with your horse.

Is this appropriate for my 10-year old daughter?

Not really. Children that age need more breaks and games. This workshop is set up for adults. I’ve had high school age youngsters participate very successfully.

May I audit the clinic?

No, this is such a hands on thing that it wouldn’t work. I’ve asked my students, and they agree.

Do you offer CEUs?

I am not an official CEU educator, but I am happy to provide a certificate showing the hours spent in the workshop. It’s up to you to know whether that will be accepted by your licensing agency.

Will this count towards my LAMT certification?

I’m not part of a certified school, but the experience will certainly support you reaching your goal.

How can I host a clinic at my barn?

Please email  me from the Contact page to get more information about hosting clinics. Thank you for your interest!