Horse senses – why do they do that?

Horse senses – why do they do that?

If you’ve paid attention to your horse—or dog or cat—it is obvious that they perceive the world differently from people. But just how differently?

Desiring to understand horses better, I wanted to know more about horses’ senses, and took the opportunity to research and write three short articles for the Equine Wellness column in the Northwest Horse Source magazine focusing on their five senses. Because they go together, I have put them here on one page including links to each one. I hope you’ll read and enjoy observing your horse!

Horses’ Sense of Touch – Equine Sensitivity Requires Our Thoughtful Handling” August 2019 issue

Horse Sense(s) – How Horses Taste, Smell, and Hear” January 2019 issue

Through Your Horse’s Eyes – Understanding Equine Vision” December 2019 issue

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