Equus Awakenings

meeting horses in a new way

Through gentle encounters with horses, participants in workshops and private sessions experience horses as teachers and healers through a variety of horse-inspired and expressive arts activities to discover their inner resources for living their life with purpose.

Horses compel us with their beauty and power. As herd animals, they are acutely sensitive to their environment, tracking subtle shifts in energy and attention at a distance. (Is that cougar hunting or just walking by?) This sensitivity makes horses very effective with people. We can’t lie to them—they read us inside and out—and they don’t lie either.

Horses invite us to step into a deeper Presence within ourselves and the surrounding world. Horses embody Presence perfectly. In reflecting our Presence back to us, they make brilliant mirrors for how we show up in the present moment because that is where they live.

Workshops and sessions combine horse-inspired activities, one-on-one time with horses, and group activities (no groups in individual sessions.) No riding or horse experience is required. All that’s needed is your willingness to participate and to be present with the horses.

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Like a band of mustangs, we have no permanent home, and work where the people, horses, and environment support it. We are interested in like-hearted collaborators, and especially appreciate heated indoor teaching space during the cold months.

The horses are our first collaborators. We treat them as the sentient beings that they are, and they always have a choice about whether or not to participate. Each one is unique, and brings her or his special gifts to every encounter.

Susan Moore & NW Equine Educators with Empowerment Through Connection offer activities in which we partner with horses through liberty work and horsemanship. Participants develop profound insight into communication, patience, and empathy, enhancing their interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

Participants say . . .

“The time in the corral was a highlight for me. I felt so honored by Tank, and grateful. It was such a nice feeling. The next morning I woke up feeling more confident and just content. Thanks again for a lovely experience.”
Wendy H.
“You have a great amount of life experience to draw from. You are a great observer with an open heart. You are grounded and able to help people do the same. You have the ability to make people feel welcomed and honored.”
Janette C.
“Your compassion and kindness came through loud and clear. With the horses, that was the best.”
Vicki M.