Notes from the barn

Notes from the barn

I left the barn relaxed and happy—if chilled—after doing a bodywork session with a lovely Quarter Horse gelding.

It’s shedding season, and the arms of my black shirt are covered in white hair. I’m idly wondering if this will gross people out when I stop to do my grocery shopping since we try to keep our hair and food separate.

I wash my hands in the restroom and try, mostly ineffectively, to dehair my clothes. After rearranging hair for a while, I am done and go shop.

A first bodywork session is a bit like a first date. I go slowly, and don’t pressure the horse any more than I already do by standing next to him. By the end, we usually know if we want to see each other again.

This lovely guy stood without moving his feet for an hour with lips quivering, eyes softening and blinking, and ears relaxed into lateral position. Licking and chewing and big sighs punctuated his beingness.

As I worked around his pelvis, he fidgeted a bit, and then released with more big sighs and lip licking. Then he let loose with a glorious round of yawns, tongue extended, and a great big body shake. Oh, SO good!

This is the point at which I wish my phone/camera wasn’t zipped into my pocket and my hands weren’t engaged under his tail. Happily, his person grabbed her phone and when the second round of yawns began, she got some on video. Enjoy Walker’s lovely releases!

I’m full of gratitude for Walker and Lissa today.

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