November gratitudes

November gratitudes


Moving into the season of winter and the holidays, I often look back on the year and remember things that I feel grateful for. The quiet and stillness of this season of falling leaves, of beings going to sleep for the winter always resonates deep within me.

This year my season is filled with enormous gratitude as well as sadness. My beloved father passed away a month ago, and my mother passed this month three years ago. They both lived wonderful long lives, 65 years of it happily together. My gratitude to my parents has grown these last few years. So much that I received from them is part of who I am today, especially my love of nature, my connection with animals, and the joy of creating and making things.

We had a sunny day recently, so I went to the barn to sit with a mare I’m getting to know. I’ve done bodywork with Eve a few times, and we are growing deep connection that I want to nurture. Respecting her space is the key. I set up my chair in her pasture at a distance, pleased that my arrival didn’t disturb her or her companion as they napped in the sun, stamping flies off their legs.

After about 20 minutes, Eve came to visit. She walked over and sniffed; the other mare followed and sniffed a lot. They hung around with me for a while, moving in and out of close range. My only goal was to share space with them and just be, letting the warmth of the sun, the peace of horses grazing, and bird sounds seep into my core. I took a few photos of Eve with the sun streaming around her casting deep shadows. One is at the top of this page.

Offering Reiki brought them both over to me again, checking out my hands, looking for where the energy was coming from—lots of animals do this. Then I stood a few feet from Eve’s shoulder. Sharing space closer. We stood together. She turned and looked at me a few times as they also tracked something at a distance.

Standing there, I found myself in tears, telling them how much I missed my father. Eve stood still and lowered her head; the other mare moved closer. We stood that way for some time, enjoying each others’ presence and the sense of connection. I felt so held by these two mares standing just at the edge of my energy bubble. The connection felt healing and real and alive. My heart was soothed.

I turned and faced Eve’s shoulder, and spent a few minutes stroking her dirty, water streaked coat. It felt good. Then she walked away. I am grateful for horses every single day.

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