I moved to my farm two months ago. Packing, moving, selling my house has been all consuming. Okay, controlled chaos. Oh, and my retina detached, so I was on stall rest for a couple of weeks right after I moved until my peripheral vision returned. Then in July, my life came back into balance because I began doing bodywork with horses again after a pause. Doing this work connects me with my purpose, and I am a happier person because of it. I am very grateful for wonderful people and horses to be working with.
Sometimes, doing bodywork is about helping the horse to settle and engage with what you are doing. There was some of that in this horse’s first two sessions, but yesterday in his third session, he was all in. He stood in deep relaxation and process for an hour without moving his feet. Moved around and peed, walked out to his run, and stood still for another hour. Stayed relaxed for everything I asked his body to consider. And a moment of that magic was recorded by his person Tracy. I was working with his temporal bones and sphenoid (that’s craniosacral therapy.)
By the way, this horse is a 12-year old OTTB, former jumper (hates jumping) who has landed with a woman who adores him and really wants to nurture his health on all levels and bond. Since stress is stored in our tissues (people & horses), bodywork is a really good way to support animals of all species to release old stress and trauma so they can live in balance and health.