What you need to know about fascia

What you need to know about fascia

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Fascia is an under appreciated system in our bodies – human, equine, canine, feline. I would like everyone to understand how amazing fascia actually is. It’s an intelligent network of connective tissue that is everywhere in our body, and our horse’s body, our dog’s body, our cat’s body. Take good care of fascia and enjoy active movement for longer with fewer injuries.

For immediate inspiration, watch Strolling Under the Skin, a 28 minute video showing the movement of actual fascia. Guess what? It is beautiful to behold!

I’m happy to share an article about fascia that I wrote for the February 2016 issue of the Northwest Horse Source. The magazine did a very nice job of editing and laying out the piece, and I am proud to have authored their feature story. It covers what is fascia and what does it do, a case study, how to care for fascia, and links to books, online articles and a great video all about fascia. You can read it all here.



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